Standard front door 2023 - שריונית חסם

Standard front door 2023

Our main entrance doors are certified for Israeli Standard 5044 Part 1. Our doors are tested in the Standards Institution of Israel, and certified for their resistance.


* The standard is not applicable for entrance doors with windows. What is SI 5044? The Standards Institution of Israel publishes standards to preserve high quality of products for consumers. The standards are developed in consensus by various bodies: consumers bodies, the Manufacturers’ association of Israel and doors manufacturers, Israel Police and the National Fire and Rescue Authority. In the development of standards many parameters are taken into account, such as the benefit to consumers, security and safety, efficiency and value for money. SI 5044 is a standard dealing with the security and safety of main entrance doors for dwellings. This standard sets 4 levels of breaking-in difficulties, while each level is defined with a set of tools for the breaking-in process: 1-star level door type: No tools are required to break in to this type of door; The process takes 1 minute (net). 2-star level door type: Group A tools are required, such as: 240 mm clamp, clamp handlebar riser, medium screwdriver and a chisel; the process takes 2 minutes (net). 3-star level door type: Group A tools and Group B tools are required such as: 240 mm clamp, clamp handlebar riser, 1 kg hammer, wooden wedge, stainless steel wedge, medium screwdriver and large screwdriver; the process takes 3 minutes (net). 4-star door type: Group A tools and Group B tools are required, plus a 710 mm pole and a flat screwdriver 16*375 mm; the process takes 4 minutes (net). In most cases, a 3-star door will also be able to pass the 4-star door type test, depending on its measures and other parameters. Shisryonit Hosem’s doors take 5:59:92 minutes to break in to, in a test performed with an iron pole. This test result reflects 2:59:92 minutes more than required for a 4-star door type. What is a net time for breaking in? The test simulates a real breaking in process, while tool exchange time and relieve time are not measured. In real time, breaking in to a door can take 7-15 very noisy minutes, during which violence is required. This information is provided by Siryonit Hosem. The full standards are available at the center information of the Standards Institute of Israel, 42 Chaim Levanon Street, Tel Aviv.

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