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Shiryonit Hosem has been specializing in the production and installation of high security metal front doors for more than 40 years.
Since 2017, it is providing smart door solutions, via Shiryonit Hosem Technologies

Smart door and smart home solutions:

Shiryonit Hosem produces, implements and installs smart high security metal doors for smart home systems.

For private customers, smart doors can be a stand alone solution or integrated with smart home systems.

The benefits of smart doors

Smart doors can be opened with:
·         mobile app
·         biometric fingerprint scanner
·         keyless entry code
·         secure proximity card
·         backup mechanical key
·         a smart door app can be used to allow single access for visitors!

Important feature: As the smart door is closed, it gets locked and the exterior handle is deactivated.

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Title: institutional and homeland security customers and hotel industry customers

Shiryonit Hosem’s uniqueness is its ability to both manufacture secure doors of high standard for security uses, and implement and install comprehensive solutions.

Shiryonit Hosem offers custom products, in accordance with special market requirements. We can produce, develop and provide a variety of doors suited for institutional and homeland security customers, while applying the required standards.

We specialize in insitutional and homeland security.

Some of our customers include the Israel Ministry of Defense, the Israel Police, other special government customers and hotels.

Shiryonit Hosem provides comprehensive solutions, including the implementation of electronic, electro-mechanic and access control systems, as well as security doors.

Some of our solutions are:
·        Metal  high security doors
·        Fire doors
·        Panic doors
·        Bulletproof doors
·        Acoustic doors 38DB
·        Special doors   
·        Anti-violence doors
·        Smart doors

  •        Access control solutions for hotels
    ·         Aaccessibility solutions for people with disabilities (automatic doors)
    ·         Opening and closing solutions for every need

    All of the metal high security doors can be combined with electro-mechanical locks and all access control solutions.

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